Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nokia to produce 4.7" inch smartphones, but no 5" smartphone in 2013

The race to achieve the smartphone with the larger display has long history in the Android World. And currently is holding  market leadership from this point of view with devices that are starting to use more and more 5" + displays. Nokia, according to recent rumors, could market it's first smartphone with 4.7 " display in 2013.
The same sources, well informed on the events of the component suppliers operating in the Asian market, excluding the company can sell the same period of display devices with wider dimensions.
Nokia chose to miss the appointment with models with screens 5 "inches and more at least for 2013. A decision that does not seem to be isolated within Windows Phone since few months ago HTC decide to terminate the project to create a Windows Phone 8 smartphone with 5inch display.
The choice, in this case, may be linked to the resolution of the standard Windows Phone 8 high-end devices, is currently the 720p. To increase the the diagonal of the display, without parallel increase the screen resolution, would achieve a level of pixel density that could be considered unsatisfactory
At present, 4.5" display on the Nokia Lumia 920 represents a good compromise between the devices with screens from 4 to 4.3". The sources cited in the opening suggest, in any case, that in the course of 2013, Nokia could choose to raise further the specifications and produce  Lumia smartphone with 4.7" screens.

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