Thursday, July 26, 2012

HTC to build another Facebook phone in 2013, according to Bloomberg

The Taiwanese manufacturer might go to explore the terrain of Facebook phones in 2013 according to a recent report. The partnership with the giant social network, which in 2011 had enabled the commercialization of HTC ChaCha and Salsa, it seems set to continue. Based on information from informed sources, the launch of the new smartphone HTC devoted to social networking was initially set for the end of the year and then postponed to mid-2013. 
Details are still sparse on technical specifications, but there are some interesting food for thought, like the reference to the custom version of the software, introduced to better support the features of Facebook. 
HTC ChaCha and Salsa have been a great success in 2011, but the partnership with Facebook might screw lead also to the choice of renewing the supply of HTC smartphones designed to optimally manage the popular social network. The two companies may have developed in the meantime, new business strategies to support the dissemination of such devices.
The recent report does not reveal further details about technical specifications of the alleged Facebook phone from HTC, from those relating to the operating system. It 's likely to believe that HTC will continue to use Android, which offers the flexibility to carry out the customization required to integrate social networking features.
The lapse of time between the alleged launch of the device in any case is not negligible.Many decisions may change over the year and therefore should consider with caution to the reports we have just reported.
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