Thursday, March 22, 2012

Android Jelly Bean 5.0 due to be released in Q3 2012?

Most devices Android is still yet to Android Gingerbread , and perhaps only in the future will benefit from the ' Ice Cream Sandwich to update.
While using a reliable but anonymous source DigiTimes , which many times has revealed many months before dell'ufficializzazione truthful information, Google would be planning to rollout Android Jelly Bean already for Q3 of this year , or for the second half of 2012 .
All this, according to DigiTimes, would lead to an even more fragmented operating system, since, for now, only 2% of the devices can boast compatibility with Ice Cream Sandwich.
Jelly Bean is a system which is still shrouded in mystery, with very little information in his suite, except for a possible integrated chrome interface style that adapts specifically to the tablet.
It 's also possible that this version is again dedicated to devices with more than 7 inches diagonally, but for now we have not enough information.

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