Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rumor | Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 - Development accelerates in anticipation of the launch later this year

After the presentation of the new major release of Windows Phone 8 and the confirmation of the top four producers who will support it (Nokia, HTC, and Samsung Huwaei), were widespread rumors that have attempted to define the time frame and the possible composition the line-up of the third generation of WP. Nokia, the leading partner of Microsoft for the development of the WP8 platform, do not let slip a detailed forecast, although the odds this year identified as a possible date for the arrival in to the market of the Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. 
New rumor, the truth of which is still to be ascertained, would indicate a speeding up of development of devices for the launch by the end of 2012 and would establish China as the nation which will appear among the first to receive the device .
At this moment we presume that the recent rumors on credible road map prepared for the launch of Nokia Windows Phone 8. A rapid renewal of the current line-up, not upgradeable to the next release of WP, it is desirable and the importance of the Chinese market Nokia has been repeatedly highlighted.

The apparent verisimilitude of the picture just described will be refuted in practice in the weeks to come. The latest rumor, but from a source reliable enough, do not provide further details about technical specifications of the new device. The news of the possible release of Lumia WP8 by the end of 2012 is at least encouraging. A launch postponed to 2013 it could cripple a line-up, as is known, is potentially able to undergo the "Osborne effect" following the announcement of the new mobile platform from Microsoft.
Source wpdang , Via wpsauce

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