Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nokia N9 - The roll-out of the PR 1.3 firmware update officially started!

As we had anticipated yesterday and a few hours later came the official confirmation by the Nokia support forum. The distribution of the expected PR 1.3 firmware for the Nokia N9 is officially started .The new software release, was previously defined as an update "minor", but of undoubted value. The description contained in the support forum starts to sketch out the contours of an update that will arouse the interest of the owners of the Nokia N9. It, in fact many improvements, including updated versions of Mail, Facebook and Twitter, as well as some small optimizations for network connectivity.
The update will be released in installments within the next week, starting with the no-brand versions, and then reach models branded by telephone operators. For more information regarding the update you can connect to this address.
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