Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nokia publishes financial results for the 2nd quarter of 2012,with first signs of a turnaround and 4 million sold Lumia devices

As expected, this morning, Nokia has released the financial results of the 2nd quarter of 2012 and what we learn from the figures in the summary tables (see below) are the first signs of a turnaround , although the Finnish company is still at in a delicate and difficult period of transition.
The numbers and percentages than in the previous quarter appear to be more encouraging and demonstrate a greater hold of competitiveness in the mobile industry with the introduction of new feature phones family Asha Lumia and sale of devices with Windows Phone,which have been sold in 4 million units, a reasonable result considering that the new operating system is still young and not yet known by the great mass of consumers.
Liquidity of cash did not record large losses, as some analysts had speculated in recent days. Compared to the first quarter of 2012 we moved from a surplus of 4.872 billion euros (excluding taxes) to the current 4.197 billion euros, equivalent to a loss of only 14%.
In summary:
  • Net sales value: 7.542 billion euros (7.354 billion in Q1 were of Euro)
  • Total device sales: 83.7 million
  • Smartphone: 10.2 million
  • Phones: 73.5 million
  • 4 million Nokia Lumia devices 
  • Net cash flow after taxes: 4.197 billion euros
 To learn more take a look at this official document with all data and information notes to the 2nd quarter of 2012

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