Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rumor - Barnes & Noble is preparing Nook Tablet with 'revolutionary screen technology'

An anonymous source, but reliably defined by the editors of CNET, which has reveal that Barnes & Noble is preparing a surprise to its the eternal rivals Amazon, a company with which it shares the scepter for the marketing of eReader in the U.S. (unfortunately only Amazon has an efficient international circuit). The Nook Tablet is however in direct competition with the Kindle Fire, surely the most noble and bought because of a few dollars less on the final cost.

Both companies are still sharpening their knives for the next generation of tablet 7 ", with latest rumors discussing a Nook with new technology for the display, leaving open different solutions:
The first hypothesis concerns the resolution of the panel , which should be definitely higher than the current 1024X600 (169 ppi), perhaps breaking the wall (on a 7 ") of HD at 1280 × 800 raised by the new Nexus 7. Another hypothesis takes instead the words of the source, who described how the company will continue to focus on " reading experience", a statement which opens up a wide streets with their display from Qualcomm Mirasol at Pixel Qi , a company that is working very muted and has recently announced to have achieved good results with prototype high resolution and low energy expenditure .
Another option could be called into play Liquavista, a company that claimed to have in the laboratory display E-ink color set to debut on the market since 2013. To conclude the overview of assumptions such as Microsoft do not call into play, that just did with B & N company through Newco, so that before it was rumored debut of Surface presentation of a Microsoft-Nook . The latest indications confirm the adoption of Android as an operating system (highly customized version) but with the narrow REPORTS: Redmond could bring several interesting features, starting with the predisposition to Xbox Live.

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