Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ComScore confirms the leadership of Android in USA

ComScore has released the final report for the market for producers and their piattafome for the period February to May in the U.S. market, photographing what was the situation of this first part of the year now coming to an end, which devotes more than a few surprises .Confirming the trend that has been dragging on for months, IOS and Android are now vying for the smartphone market with almost 80% market share with Apple off of almost 20 points compared to Google's system, for both regiostrando in the period under review a gain of between 0.8 and 1, 7%.

In free fall we find that RIM still no sign of giving positive signs for the past several months and after the last announcement for this year will not see anything new with respect to BlackBerry devices least until the beginning of 2013 with arrival of the new BB10 platform.Microsoft remains practically stable without being able to increase its stake in a particular market and finally to close as usual we find that Symbian is now relegated to its small market segment.
Analyzing the share of mobile subscriptions between your smartphone and smartphone in the second table, the producer who comes out better than Apple has recorded a positive sign with a gain of 1.5 points whilst following Samsung are stable in first place with 25% of share, in second place LG, which enjoys a great share in the territory to star in stripes, followed by Apple with just several points behind and breaking down the negative are Motorola and HTC have seen a fall fall within a percentage point.
The Korean manufacturer once again has not diminished his strong leadership of the success of the Android platform later this summer that will see a further boost thanks to the Galaxy S3 marketed in the U.S. market during this period.

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