Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rumor - Samsung Galaxy S III Refresh coming with better display, wireless charging and 2,400 mAh battery

The presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV  is just one day away, Samsung has plans for its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. New version of the Galaxy S III is coming, a real refresh with some improved features to continue to make a product still attractive for many Android users. 
As usual Eldar Murtazin is the first to come forward with regard to a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S III Refresh, and according to the Twitter account of the Russian blogger leading to fundamental changes would result in the following way.
The original battery would be increased from the current 2100 mAh to 2400 mAh without altering the size, the tweet is also hinted at a better display without adding details and finally returns to talk about wireless charging. At the moment this is pure speculation, not confirmed, but at least for the wireless charging, Samsung may have taken place by this feature to present later with a revised version of its Galaxy S III. 


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