Monday, July 2, 2012

Nokia N9 - Firmware update PR 1.3 finally available?

The long awaited PR update firmware 1.3 for the Nokia N9 it seems its just around the corner, after the recent confirmation of Nokia Philippines . In the last hours were spread on the network the first reports about updating firmware of the Nokia N9, which was confirmed on several occasions. The new version of the software would be the 40.2012.21-3-001.19 and the update would weigh about 200 MB. The start of the deployment seems to be started even if the actual availability may vary depending on the various geographical areas.

It is unclear if the screenshot shown in the opening refers to a version not yet distributed through official channels and still being tested. Without wanting to raise false expectations, remember that manually check for updates just follow the path Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Updates Tab -> check icon updates.  continue to follow as usual the story of the distribution of 'update, your playing by indicating the actual availability for the Nokia N9 marketed in our country.
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