Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Galaxy S IV screenshots leak, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S IV screenshots leak, confirming Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. This are some of the many new features that will be present in the new Samsung Galaxy S IV, related to Touch Wiz customization by Samsung and in order control of the device through the sensors. 
From the pictures below, we can see new smart controls options in the Android smartphones. As we have seen recently, the new Galaxy S IV can integrate new control options through the eyes, the most advanced of those included in Notes II and Galaxy S III and able to improve navigation through the various menus and programs.

Smart Scroll with ability to handle multiple applications, speed, visual feedback and more, seems to be one of the novelties that we will soon try. As we can read from the description, the Smart Scroll allow you to run up and down movement of the pages by simply tilting the head (as if to say it) without having to touch the screen. A comfort no matter whether we are reading a web page, text, or maybe a book.
The parameters allow to balance the speed of scroll and the management of the acceleration linked to the movements of the head. It also had a feature Smart Pause that will stop video playback when no longer look at the screen.
Finally, we can not but notice a UI virtually identical in structure than qualle this today on the Galaxy range of high-end.
In short, we will soon see many new featured of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV on March 14th live from NY.

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