Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nokia-branded WP Marketplace spotted in latest Nokia Lumia 900 software update

We continue to discover new details in the Nokia Lumia 900 that can be bought today in the United Kingdom . Among the changes noted in the operating system (Tango) that powers the device now we can see that the Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace on the Lumia 900 is now being branded with Nokia's own logo.The news itself is not so ground shacking,but it's one of the first signs of Nokia's influence on the Windows Phone operating system.
According to the image at the beginning it seems that Nokia could have started using its privilege to make customizations to windows phone UI. The hypothesis that Nokia has begun to make customizations to the UI of Windows Phone is definitely interesting.
At the moment Nokia, like other producers who have chosen the Windows Phone platform, has a space in the official Markeplace that contains the unique applications for the device and the hypothesized Lumia store of the original agreement has not yet been realized.
The customization of the icon contained in the Marketplace software Lumia 900 does not prove the existence of the store, but it represents another small area of ​​freedom granted to the Finnish manufacturer which hopefully others will follow.

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