Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flipboard arrived on Android thanks to XDA developers

Flipboard is an application that is so good that we would recommend to buy iPad just for sake of it. But there is no need for it anymore. Popular and super cool application for review of news, blogs and social profiles, it not longer exclusive only to iPad and iPhone.

Flipboard has arrived on Android, but is not available on Google Play,at least for now.Currently available only for Samsung Galaxy S III as part of a promotion and will remain so at least for some time.
But no worries, anyone can take the file install Flipboard thanks to the user Valcho from XDA-developers who has shared .apk file that can be installed via mobile browser or via QR code. 
Flipboard was one of the favorite applications of the late Steve Jobs, and one of the favorite applications of 8 million iOS users, and I'm sure will be a favorite for the Android users as well, who will enjoy to read beautifully designed news drawn from the social networks.

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