Friday, April 13, 2012

Sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 exceed the expectations of AT&T

The Nokia 900 Lumia has already made ​​his debut in the U.S. market and is preparing to reach our continent in the month of May. The American public seems to have a very warm welcome in the current flagship of the Finnish manufacturer.The declarations of the leaders of AT&T, in fact, point out that sales a few days after launch were higher than what was budgeted. A good start for Lumia 900 that hopefully can get the same result also important when it reaches other contries
The Lumia 900 is a device that has many responsibilities: to help determine the future of Nokia in the U.S. , expand the installed base of Windows Phone Nokia in Europe and Asia. The stakes, as we know, is very high because of the situation of great difficulty that the Finnish company is going through in recent months, which is needed to overcome to win back market share in the smartphone segment.

After the storm in recent days, following the dissemination of the note on the financial results of the first quarter , the news on early sales data from the Lumia 900 can only be pleased at the top of Nokia and its supporters.
Paul Roth, president of AT&T retail sales and service, is explicit in stating that sales of the Nokia 900 Lumia have exceeded expectations . The stocks of the device in several stores were rapidly depleted and have been particularly successful with the model seems to have been blue. Interestingly, Nokia has done to heal meticulously not only the launch or marketing campaign and, but also the sales network. In this regard we can mention the sending of 10,000 Lumia devices for the AT&T employees,to allow the AT&T sales staff to offer the best device, knowing in detail.

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