Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nokia Slam - New system of file sharing via Bluetooth

Nokia continues the work of innovative built-in features in its mobile devices, using the feature phone as a springboard for the integration of new technologies. The last in order of time is about Nokia Slam, a mechanism to transfer files via Bluetooth which makes it even immediate with this operation. Thanks to Nokia Slam is no longer necessary to perform the pairing of the devices, but it is sufficient to bring them closer to kick off the sending of the file.

Nokia Slam uses a system of detection of the proximity of the device to which will receive the data, determined based on the intensity of the Bluetooth signal. Approached the two devices will start the transfer of data without the need of making the above pairing.
To complete the operation, the user holding the device receiver must simply accept the data reception. If it has previously made the connection, you will not even need to confirm this.
Nokia Slam, which can be considered as a kind of Bluetooth Direct, returns the current interface BT, deemed impractical for data transfer and replaced by the increasingly widespread NFC connectivity. Nokia Slam has the advantage of being able to communicate in a very rapid with any Bluetooth terminal, simplifying the operations necessary to establish communication between the two devices. Especially the cheaper phones, more and more rarely give up the BT connectivity, could benefit from the new technology.
Nokia Slam technology, developed by Mika Kuulusa and Henrik Hakala in Finland, will be integrated in the first place in the recent feature phones, the Nokia Asha 205 and Nokia 206.


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