Friday, April 13, 2012

Windows Phone Marketplace - Microsoft working to improve the certification process of the apps in WP Marketplace

s shown by the latest figures reported days ago , Windows Phone Marketplace is growing but with the increase in applications submitted by developers for certification, you discover the real bottleneck of the system.
Lately, in fact, Microsoft acknowledged that the growth rates of the store may be much higher but to clip the wings of these dreams of glory fall on the certification process of the app, a system of control of code and content to avoid spread of malware and inappropriate content.
And 'the voice of Todd Brix to confirm this, stating that in the last three months were 30,000 new applications and new servers and a system of certification of new generation will come in the summer 2012 to minimize the lag between submission of the app and availability in the market.
We have plans of both medium and long term. We are already developing a service for the marketplace more "robust" and that will solve the problem is scalable will make way for even higher growth rates that we expect for years to come. The work of engineering, however, can not be executed in one night: according to our plans will be complete by late Summer 2012.
Until then we apply short-term control measures including the addition of more capacity in servers to better handle the load and a streamlining of the process to speed up the publication of the app.

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