Friday, April 13, 2012

Larry Page - Google is focused on low-end market for its Tablets

During the report on the financial results of the giant Mountain view with respect to Q1 2012, we have seen several statements that leave understood the policies for growth and development of which Google is aiming to gain market share in an industry where the overwhelming power of Apple is quite evident. For some 'time chasing rumors and speculation about a Nexus Tablet coming soon, which will happen soon with insistent rumors about the nature of the same low cost and a price that, if confirmed, would be less than  $200.
Google CEO Larry Page has released an interesting statement which we quote translated:
"There has been considerable success in the field of low-end Tablet with Android.Perhaps not everyone will have a version of Google Android to full functionality, but we believe that the low-end segment of the market will enjoy a great success, with significant growth nele sales of low-cost tablet. It 's definitely an area we think is important and on which we are very focused. "
A statement leading to suspicion of the intentions on the future of Google Android Tablet and seem to confirm the rumors about low cost branded device probably Nexus. We just have to wait and see but we are fairly certain that a well-built Tablet Google and that costs under $200 could really shake up a market on the front Tab Android has never wowed users and price performance. If Ice Cream Sandwich has improved performance and stability, we just have to wait for the answer with Google Nexus Tablet.

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