Monday, April 30, 2012

Microsoft announced a partnership with Barnes & Noble, ebook content coming to Windows Phone?

Like a bolt from the blue Microsoft has announced a partnership worth 300 million dollars with Barnes &Nobles, a partnership that will allow Microsoft to leverage the content ebo0k offered by B & N directly on their platforms, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. 

The agreement is to establish a new subsidiary called Newco, which B & N will have a control of 82.4% and will manage relationships with retail stores while Microsoft is committed to an investment of 300 million dollars and will have the control of 17.6% of this company, based on an overall assessment of well-$ 1.7 billion.
The new company will strive to develop an application for Windows 8 (and probably also for Windows Phone), for reading ebooks and content, according to some rumors, the creation of a NOOK (ebook reader B & N) 8 motorized Windows / NT .
"The formation of Newco, and our relationship with Microsoft are important parts of our strategy to capitalize on the rapid growth of business NOOK (ebook reader B & N), and consolidate our position as a leader in digital content market segments and consumer of ' education "
In addition, the B & N-Microsoft partnership will raise it to any commitment regarding the alleged misuse of the patents that Microsoft possesses and through which an estimated revenue of over $ 444 million a year .

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