Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 against Samsung Galaxy Nexus (VIDEO)

The Nokia 900 Lumia is the new flagship smartphone Windows Phone and the Finnish manufacturer is preparing to launch the smartphone in the states and then worldwide. In the interesting video comparison that I propose to follow the challenge another smartphone device that can be considered one of the most representative handsets based on the Android operating system. Lumia Will the Nokia 900 to keep up with the Galaxy Nexus? find out with the extensive evidence that you can view after the break.
The comparison between the two smartphones from the point of view of the hardware platform obviously has a relative value taking into account the different impact of the Android OS and Windows Phone on system resources. Windows Phone ensures a good flow even with a 1.4 GHz single core processor Lumia of 900 without giving rise to the need to resort to a dual-core like the one used by the Samsung Nexus Galaxy. Probably the biggest difference on the two hardware devices for the display: Super-resolution AMOLED p 720 for the Samsung Nexus Galaxy, Clear Black AMOLED WVGA Lumia for the Nokia 900. The differences are noticeable when we are to examine the level of pixel density, which is higher in the Galaxy Samsung Nexus.
To appreciate these and other differences between the two smartphones will leave the following video wishing you a good overview:

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