Tuesday, April 3, 2012

According to analysts, the rise of Nokia has begun

Evidently all the positive signals emanating from the U.S. market are finally getting off all the pessimism that has surrounded Nokia in recent years. One of the first analysts to be convinced of the good road taken by Nokia is Jamie Townsend of Town Hall Investment Research.
These are his statements:
"Our renewed enthusiasm is mainly driven by the business smartphone of Nokia and our belief is that long term the company is ready, albeit slowly, to recover as a leading actor in the smartphone market worldwide.
While among the first and second quarter of this 2012 will continue to see the slow death of Symbian and Windows Phone's rise, over the next two quarters we expect significant positive signs from the United States and Western Europe. In addition, a partnership between Microsoft, Nokia and RIM is starting to be a very real possibility.
The 2012 will, therefore, for us the year in which Nokia will reverse the negative trends of recent years. These improvements poteranno many investors to bet on shares in the Finnish manufacturer. "

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