Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rumor - Nokia could get 1 month period of exclusivity for the commercialization of its Lumia WP8 devices

In recent days, CEOs Stephe Elop has released a statement regarding the arrival of Windows Phone 8 and the special ties of cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft.These statements have triggered a series of speculations, including the last in order of time makes reference to a possible period of exclusivity granted to Nokia for the sale of the Lumia WP8 smartphones.
Let's quickly review the interesting prospect that, at present, must be regarded simply as a hypothesis, not corroborated by any official figures. 
Proceeding in order, start from as reported by New York Times on the statements of Stephen Elop :
The CEO of Nokia said the new software release 8 Windows Phone coming in October , which promises better coordination and more features for computers and smartphones equipped with Microsoft software, could further improve the sales of the Lumia devices
Stephen Elop, while not speaking directly to smartphone Windows Phone 8, refers to the date of October for the software release.
Apparently there is a inconsistency between the information just reported and that related by another authoritative tested is Zdnet that on the contrary could accept this roadmap :
  • Windows Phone Software Release 8 available in RTM release in September
  • Windows Phone will be available from November 8th
This inconsistency has given the go-to hypothesis of the exclusivity granted by Microsoft to market with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices before other manufacturers . One could hypothesize for example a launch of the mobile version of Windows 8, together with the arrival of the desktop version, as it is known will be available starting from October 26.
At the moment we have to consider these assessments of mere speculation, but it is clear the relationship to say the least strait between Nokia and Microsoft. It 's always the same CEO, Stephen Elop to have recently confirmed, in response to domada if Nokia will be the first manufacturer to market the WP8 devices:
We're not making any specific announcement to that effect ... Windows Phone 8 was demonstrated on Nokia hardware. We are working every day on the initial hardware platform. So, we have a very close relationship (with Microsoft) that is different from what anyone else may have at the moment
If the strength of the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft will result in an actual real exclusivity we'll find out in the coming weeks.

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