Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 - T-Mobile will not sell the device in Germany for the inability to upgrade to WP8?

The events in the marketing of Nokia Lumia 900 in the German market by T-Mobile is back in the limelight because the media echo gave a statement officious telephone operator. The statement was issued by a member of the team T- Mobile and clarify the reasons for choosing not to start the deployment of Nokia Lumia 900 in Germany. A basis for the decision is the inability to update the new flagship of the Finnish manufacturer to Windows Phone 8 . Declarations of T-Mobile, as you might guess, have a scope that goes beyond the specific case, representing an unofficial confirmation of the impossibility of terminals Lumia update the next release of Microsoft's operating system. For the record, we point out that, after the release of the declaration, other members of the T-Mobile have made ​​it clear that it is not an official statement, suggesting that the reasons which may lead to the choice of whether to market a device are many.
The declaration, from a few days ago, contains a phrase that apparently leaves no room for interpretation: 
We will not take the Lumia 900 in our product range as it is not software-update-means clustering enabled.What That is if the new WP 8 Should the fourth quarter as of 2012, 'which will not be updated 900th Lumia  Lumia not insert the 900 in our product portfolio since it is not upgradeable.This means that if the new WP8 were to be distributed in the last quarter of 2012, the Lumia 900 will not be updated 
At present the only certainty is that T-Mobile does not release the Lumia 900. For reference, we note that another German mobile operator (O2) was of the opposite opinion, and has begun selling the Lumia 900 in Germany.
The suggestion is to wait for further confirmation that may come after the official launch of Windows Phone 8. Only after this event will be possible to trace with certainty the border between the terminals will be upgraded and those that will be forced to renounce the last version of the Microsoft operating system. We recall that the official position of Nokia does not confirm or deny the news of the distribution of the update to Windows Phone 8 for the line of smartphones Lumia.
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