Monday, June 18, 2012

Rumor - Microsoft Tablet developed with Barnes & Noble? There may also be Xbox Live Video Streaming

There are growing rumors and rumors on the news that Microsoft is preparing to show the world. As we know, the basis should be a tablet, possibly a new device with ARM processor and Windows RT. The more plausible the idea that everyone has agreed initially, but the words 'major announcement' and the chosen location (Los Angeles) are thinking about doing something more original and unpublished.
The editors of TechCrunch has received some blow on the new tablet, which could be the first child of Newco , a company newly formed subsidiary for 82 .4% from Barnes & Noble and 17.6% just from Microsoft, a couple of months ago has invested $ 300 million well.
Recall that Barnes & Noble is already very active in the field of the line with eReaders Nook which has received much success in the U.S. (about to open a branch in Germany) and the Nook Color Tablet and who tried to fight in these months the Kindle Fire with very similar specifications and prices. The partnership could give us some surprises in more than simple e-book App dedicated to Windows 8, but we will wait to find out.
Another source gives instead of rumors about the possible production of a tablet that would be the first to have non-Xbox Xbox Live streaming functionality. Microsoft has certainly captured the attention of many in this Monday 18, with the knowledge that past conferences "majors" of Redmond have always brought great innovations like Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows, etc..

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