Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swype is renewed with new features

Nuance Communications Inc . presents the new Swype versionthe last generation keyboard , which combines touch capabilities and dictation all combined with a unique adaptive capabilities that can incorporate the interaction of preferences expressed by users over time , becoming smarter and more personalized to each use.

Thanks to Swype users can maintain a constant connection with multiple possibilities and dynamic editing applicable in a fast, flexible and precise. New features include:
  • Word completion: function improved, resulting from the technology Nuance's XT9   offers predictive greater accuracy in the completion.
  • Sync voice-text of the dictionary : Swype now provides a custom dictionary: every word entered with the keyboard - even if present in email, post or general texts - is automatically inserted in the user dictionary. These updates are then associated in the unified language model of Nuance, in other words, the user can dictate or write the word immediately to the newly integrated dictionary.
  • Language support: Swype can be used all over the world, thanks to the support of more than 55 languages.
  • Four in one : Swype allows users to enter text in different ways: by scrolling between letters and the other on the virtual keyboard, with faster typing and word completion using XT9; dictated by the text using Dragon , or just typing texts in the classic mode using the keyboard, they can also easily switch from one mode to another.

With the latest version of Swype, is the keyboard to suit the needs of users by providing highly innovative ways to dictate, type or write. A major update so that you can find directly on the official website:
  • Swype is available for OEMs that support Android, and for other operating systems.
  • Beta version available for download: Swype Beta for Android

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