Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Linus Torvalds - Nokia should have chosen Android

The name of Linus Torvalds will probably be familiar to users who appreciate the open source operating system Linux. The programmer of Finnish origin, in fact, was the first author of the Linux kernel and the proposed development of the platform. Torvalds, who lives in the United States, has recently returned to the homeland to receive the Millennium Technology Prize, and has not failed to reserve a little veiled criticism of one of the most important Finnish companies. 
We speak of course of Nokia , Torvalds criticized for the choice of Windows Phone platform as the main point on which to try to regain lost market share in the smartphone market. According to Torvalds, Nokia would have to point to the Android operating system.

The critical Torvalds echoes what even the simplest of smartphone users have moved home to Finland in 2011 following agreement between Nokia and Microsoft. Torvalds points out, however, that the choice, however wrong, is understandable given that, at the time, the leadership is entrusted to Stephen Elop (are well known, in fact, passed between Redmond and 'current CEO of Nokia, which previously occupied the leadership positions at Microsoft).
According to Torvalds, choosing Android Nokia could intervene actively in the development of the platform that is rather reinforced and impervious to changes in the case of Windows Phone. Nokia allying with Windows would be a simple manufacturer bound by agreements of a commercial nature. For the record, we must emphasize that the exclusive app developed by Nokia for its Windows Phone and the announced changes to the software platform( integrating technology PureView ), to give Nokia a more important role than the other Microsoft partners.
The judgment of Torvalds obviously reflects his training geared to the open-source and his attitude quite critical of Microsoft. Despite the hatred dicharato smartphones, Torvalds normally uses a Android device that, not coincidentally shares many aspects with Linux.This judgment is therefore quite likely that expressed by Linus Torvalds on the choice of Nokia, however, will not be enough to change course at home in Finland.
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