Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rumor - Samsung Galaxy W with Windows Phone?

Having dealt with the "effort" to meet the expectations of millions of consumers with Galaxy S3, Samsung also comes back to focus on models for mobile OS from Microsoft.From dutch portal WP7.nl comes in fact a partial confirmation that something is brewing: the log file of the app WP Bench  dedicated to the benchmarks of different wp7 devices has emerged a new Windows Phone from the South Korean giant.
The suspect is a Samsung Galaxy W carrying Windows Phone version 7.5 Refresh , a sign that the maybe soon we will see new Samsung Windows Phone as you can see from the screenshot above.However we cannot be sure that this will true since this is not 100% sure  confirmed device, even the name Galaxy W is not very convincing.
Also to take into account the possibility that the device is used only for testing the operating system Windows Phone. We look forward to any confirmations and denials.

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