Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nokia Asha 311 - N9 swipe style to display messages and calls (VIDEO)

The new full-touch Nokia Asha have brought a welcome breath of fresh air in the S40 platform, dedicated to entry-level end of the Finnish manufacturer. We have already begun to know in detail the renewed UI of the Nokia 311 with the first video hands-on and continue to do so discovering additional features that appear to have been directly taken from Harmattan Meego platform used by Nokia N9. 

The short video that I propose to follow, in particular, focuses on profit mechanism for reporting and display of SMS and missed calls  that was shot in a true operating system Meego. Both SMS and missed calls are listed in the home screen of the device and can be viewed immediately with a swipe on the notification message.
The mechanism will probably not be new for those who use a Nokia N9, but it does reflect the fact that the Finnish manufacturer has traposto on entry-level device based on the new version of the S40 platform functions, certainly very practical, which are currently lacking even in smartphones based on OS Nokia Fp1 Belle. It's obvious that the Finnish manufacturer is focusing the new Asha full-touch task will be to expand the installed base of Nokia devices in the entry level.

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