Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Analysts checks confirms that the Nokia Lumia 900 continues to sell well in U.S.

Officially presented during the first months of 2012 , the new smartphone Nokia Lumia 900 ,a member of the famous family of Smartphones created highly successful collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft , is available on the market in various countries around the world for some time now. 

The results recorded up to now have been positive for Nokia demonstrating the excellent reception received by this device evaluated positively by the international critics, but recently some items, at least for the American market, presaged some suffering resulting drop in sales of smartphones due to the launch of the HTC One X.
Well those rumors, at least according to tests carried out recently, seem to have been definitively refuted. James Faucette of Pacific Crest Securities , has decided to speak on the subject by focusing on results obtained recently by these devices. According Faucette, in fact, smartphones series Lumia , in the United States , showed results similar to those released last month showing that sales of these devices continue to govern without problems, probably also to the massive marketing campaign Nokia Lumia 900 that gave the benefits to other smartphones in the same family. 

If these results were able to remain stable in America Devices Windows Phone could dramatically increase its market penetration. but we will have to wait for future updates to learn more .

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