Monday, April 30, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 modified to support wireless charging (video)

The Nokia 800 Lumia has become the protagonist of a hardware change, which introduced the possibility of wireless charging the battery . How to make this course interesting modification requires expert knowledge of electronics and a certain dexterity.Although not accessible to all users, the model provides an integrated feature that would not mind seeing in the future in the next Lumia smartphones.
The ability to recharge the battery without connecting the charging cable to the power outlet is not an absolute novelty in the smartphone world. Palm Pre smartphone with had introduced this feature using the Touchstone Charger, an electromagnetic induction charging base. A similar approach was taken by the user who, after being armed with a screwdriver and the necessary skills, amended Lumia 800 and summed up the proceedings with the video that we propose below.
We hope that Nokia can draw inspiration from the modification described above by introducing it in the future in the new device Lumia.

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