Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nokia Lumia 610 appears in WPBench with Tango on board

The Nokia 610 Lumia has been indicated on several occasions as one of the first Windows phone equipped with the new operating system release Tango, designed for entry level device. The reference to the terminal has been recently reported in the benchmark WPBench.
As you can see with the screenshot at the beginning, the reference to the Lumia 610 is explicit, but it helps to attract the attention of the reference to build the operating system that is, a release different from the current one based on Mango could just be the version of Windows Phone operating system reserved for entry level device.
The new "sighting" of Lumia 610 supporting the hypothesis that future presentation could take place in Barcelona just a little less than a week, while not absolute proof of a version of the operating system used by the terminal.

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