Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Viber is now available for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Viber Media Inc . has released a new version of the popular VoIP app compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich , the latest mobile operating system released by Google.
To make it known was Ittai Madar , Social Media Manager of the company, in a statement in which we announce important news.

"The new version includes significant improvements to Viber speech engine, which translates into better quality audio, improved support for low-end devices and in a more accurate call handling in poor network conditions."

Viber, with over 50 million registered users of the service around the world every month processes billions of minutes of calls and billions of messages sent. Much of the growth of its spread has occurred over the past seven months, from when the application was made available for Android OS.

Android users are thus playing a key role in the growth of Viber and that's why the company - still in its press Ittai Madar - watch them carefully. The users Viber Android may in fact enjoy several unique features, which are not available in the version IOS.

If you have an Android smartphone and you have not already installed, you should try this application in person to judge its potential.

Viber is a free application and can be found here at  Android Market

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