Friday, January 4, 2013

8 million Angry Birds downloads on Christmas Day

Angry Birds has not diminished his popularity, despite the gameplay has not changed dramatically in recent years with the various revivals as the latest Angry Birds Star Wars, towards the end of the series has reached a new high. Only Christmas day, adding up all the various titles released so far, can reach up to 8 million downloads , and especially the last mentioned earlier has remained on top of the standings on iTunes USA for some time.
Unfortunately Rovio has failed to have the breakdown of statistics for game play, but it is clear that Angry Birds still like, continues to offer themed content and updates for all platforms and its popularity has reached even board games, gifts, costumes and much more.

With 8 million downloads and 17.4 million Android and iOS devices activated on the same day of Christmas, you can get to assume that 46% of users have downloaded the game after you slit an iPhone or on Android smartphone is clear demonstration of how important this game has become in time. With 30 million downloads during the week of Christmas , Angry Birds has become one of the top most downloaded applications on the two major operating systems of the mobile world.

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