Friday, February 17, 2012

TELUS launching Nokia Lumia 800 on March 9th?

The guys at MobileSyrup are reporting the Telus might launch the long waiting Nokia Lumia 800 on March 9th.

They note that Telus employees have started training on Windows Phone 7.5, but more specifically have been invited to various launch parties across Canada. Also that are rumors that the anticipated device is currently pegged for a release during week of March 5th, possibly on the 9th.

The Nokia Lumia 800 will be the second Nokia Windows Phone smartphone launched in Canada, since Rogers has the Nokia Lumia 710. 



  1. Nokia Lumia 800 is such an impressive phone just after Lumia 710 has been launched. That is looking nice offer for people of Canada.

  2. I also heard some talks relate with Nokia Lumia launch. It is looking excellent offer by smartphone launched in Canada. I eagerly wait for the device. Everything is perfect.

  3. It's simply amazing things, when Nokia launched their latest technology used Nokia Lumia 800 in Cananda. It's nice and very ubique Nokia brand. It's look very slim and stylish. It has interesting features and applications.
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