Friday, November 23, 2012

Rumor - Nokia has received over 2.5 million pre-orders of the Lumia 920 in 20 days

According to the Yahoo China sources it seems that Nokia Lumia 920 is doing extremely good, since  in the last 20 days the number of pre-orders of the WP8 smartphone would amount to more than 2.5 million. A figure which, if true, would confirm the actual success of the device which still continues to record the sold-out many markets worldwide.
For a benchmark, in the third quarter, the total number of Nokia Lumia smartphones sold amounted to 2.9 million units, while in the best quarter for Nokia Lumia sales (Q2 2012), the figure had risen to 4 million units .
The result of 2.5 million units pre-ordered in just 20 days would be an important achievement for Nokia, since the figure reported by Yahoo refers to the worldwide pre-orders, however, can not yet include those related to the markets in which the marketing has not yet started. 
The information on the number of pre-orders is unofficial and will need to wait for the end of the fourth quarter for the real sales numbers.
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