Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rumor - LG Optimus G Nexus coming in November

Apparently Google has opened its doors to the Google Experience , and now "any" hardware manufacturer will be able to create own Nexus device, just that it has well-defined characteristics, such as 64 MB of memory for Secure streaming media and a ban for  changing the interface.
This is why LG would produce a variant of its Optimus G, named simply LG Optimus G Nexus.
The customization, however, will not be completely precluded, in fact, with Android 4.2, or 5, we do not yet know the numbers, there will be a new center of customization , conceptually similar to the one in Sense or CyanogenMod Roms where you can enter a specific theme.

This new, now almost certain, LG smartphone should be delivered within a few days, it's rumored a month at a dedicated event organized in collaboration with Google .
However, also we pretty sure that by 2012 this other Nexus devices will be marketed or at least shown, as the Galaxy Nexus 2 by Samsung , or other surprises that we will gradually discover.
Of course these are rumors, though fairly reliable, so should be taken with a grain of salt.
Interesting glimpse into the new version of Android, which should bring about new energy optimization bringing with him the new name  Key Lime Pie .
The World Android, thanks to these strategies, could suffer a new jolt that would change the character of the operating system updates for the entire ecosystem.

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