Thursday, October 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III sales are 16% up after the Apple verdict and +15% after the launch of iPhone 5

According to research carried out by Localytics , the battle between Apple and Samsung still goes on, and although Apple on paper has seen the first win, it seems that this helped Samsung to  increase its smartphones sales. According to the Localytics chart in fact, the Galaxy S3 manage an 16% increase in sales following the US verdict, where Apple is winning out over patents infringed by Samsung.
Not only that, following the launch of the new iPhone 5, anticipated by many users and not only that, Samsung is once again has seen increase in profits with an increase of 15% in sales of its top range smartphone. 

Although the new iPhone sells millions of pieces in a few days, Samsung still manages to find room for significant growth and competition do not always strike particular fear. Surely a lot of media exposure, both good and less good, turns into real advertising for both companies.

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