Friday, October 5, 2012

It will be just one new Nexus smartphone, Google is running tests

The rumors concerning the new Google smartphone from the Nexus series to be released by the end of 2012, several months it is conjectured that Google had in mind to produce different devices, each produced by leading companies in the mobile field. But now these indications seem to be changing, and new rumors suggest that the Nexus smartphone coming will be just one, although it is still unknown who will be the chosen company for the production and of course the dilemma is between Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony.
The indications emerge from an analysis of Digitimes, which seems to focus on the uniqueness of the device at least for this coming 2012, although nothing seems contrary to the hypothesis that other producers may propose its own Nexus device since the release of what is expected in the coming weeks.
Let's see what the source said about it:
"Google could allow manufacturers to set specific hardware but also the aesthetics of the next Nexus smartphone until they are based on his last native Android system, this new attitude on the part of Google is enjoying it to the various producers who see maintained in the giant Mountain View's promise not to favor only Motorola. "
These statements are important because they guarantee the Android ecosystem so strong possibilities to other companies who do not rotate in the orbit of direct Google control, but which may have a great opportunity to produce a Google experience device. To throw a little fuel to the fire we thought  Rick Osterloh , Senior Vice President of Product Management at Motorola , who said that his company is already in pole position to produce the next Nexus device.

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