Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nokia Lumia PureView technology in development according to Chris Weber

The unofficial and official confirmation on the future integration of technology in Nokia PureView Lumia terminals were not lacking, but that we are going to bring the following can surely be considered one of the most important and unequivocal. In a recent interview Weber confirms the intention to transfer the technology into future Windows Phone PureView Lumia. As we know this is a feature now integrated into the Nokia 808 PureView based on Symbian Belle operating system and that took five years to reach fruition.
The confirmation of the future coming to market with technology of the Nokia Lumia PureView is contained in the following interview (minute 3:30 and following):
To make the choice fall on a Nokia device with Nokia operating system to use technology PureView on Symbian Belle were the limitations of the current Windows Phone platform that enables the necessary software customization required to handle the camera with 41 megapixel sensor have already seen in Nokia recently PureView 808. These restrictions, according to allegations made by Chris Weber, will be less in the future thanks to the special relations of cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft, of course, the Finnish manufacturer will allow you to customize the software of the camera.
The identity of future Windows Phone from Nokia continues to take shape over the months: dual-core processors, Windows Phone 8, PureView technology are just some of the possible innovations that could be introduced in the future production of the Nokia with the Microsoft made operating system .

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