Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nokia acquires Scalado to enhance its Lumia line of Windows Phones

Nokia, to cope with the media department of excellence offered by the competition (not that one of the Finnish is very bad), has decided to buy Scalado , a company that for nearly 10 years working with Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry.

Lately Scalado, just with BlackBerry, has worked to bring new multimedia functions to the department, in particular for what regards photos and videos. We all know that RIM is not going very well lately, so it is possible that Scalado has decided to surf safer waters (probably more profitable!) And rely to a world famous brand Nokia to enhance its brand.
In all probability, we see the first results of this acquisition with the new Windows Phone 8 devices. I'm curious to see the result of the new features offered by the excellent quality of PureView Scalado together, also on the line next Nokia Lumia smartphones.

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