Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Intel may make x86 chips for Windows Phone, but only if the platform will grow!

From the statements of Hermann Eul, president of Intel Mobile Communications Group, released during an interview with IDG News Service during the Computex 2012, we learn that Intel would be interested in making x86 chips to support Windows Phone platform. 
A possible final decision however will be taken only if the Microsoft platform will achieve some success, to allow investments without the risk of loss.
We would be [interested] That When We see this market has a good chance to return our money That we have Invested into this, "Eul said. "Our roadmap has devices support Windows That Can Also on phones. I know we can do that. The hooks for Doing That [are] there.
Intel is already present in the smartphone market with their own processors, albeit for a short time, with architecture compatible with systems based on Linux (Android, Meego, Tizen ..) and therefore would not be obtuse to think that the above statements can avversarsi especially if, as said, with Windows Phone will be business opportunities. Intel, then, could come into direct competition with ARM, and recreate the partnership with Microsoft, living for years now, the desktop PC market also in the smartphone sector.
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