Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Universal Search Coming with WP 8 Apollo

One of the features that come with Windows Phone 8 will be to make instant searching of content, at least according to insideris.com

Already last year we heard rumors that with the  arrival of Windows Phone Tango, wp users will have ability to use universal search by simply swiping your finger left to right on the home screen. Now we know the (few) features that implements this minor update we have confirmation that this rumor proved unfounded.
The insideris.com site claims to have received information about an anonymous informant that the instant search of the content will come with Windows Phone 8, this function will be enabled directly from the Windows Home Phone with a new icon similar to that found in the list screen applications.

With this option you can search the whole system that includes contacts, applications, games, music, messages, etc..

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