Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nokia Phi: Nokia's first smartphone with Windows Phone 8 peeps in WPBench?

A screenshot of WPBench , the well-known benchmark dedicated to all Windows Phone, might have revealed the code name of the alleged first Nokia smartphone based on Windows Phone 8 . The following information must obviously be considered within the assumptions based on the analysis of the screenshot that in addition to the name of the device, also shows the version number of the OS, far enough from the current so as to be deemed a the first test release of Windows Phone 8.
The screenshot shows that we show in the opening two very interesting indications: "Nokia Phi ", the purported code name of the new Nokia device, and " OS OS 8.0.9698.0 ", the software release used by the device. To have a benchmark on the number of releases is sufficient to consider that the recent Nokia Lumia 900 , recently arrived on the shelves of British shops with Tango on board, adopts the version 7.10.8773.98. It 's fair to assume that the software release that is referenced WPBench can refer to the first device from Nokia WP8.
Further details on the Windows operating system will emerge Phone 8 on June 20 at the official launch of the new major release of the platform. In the meantime it is possible that Nokia, the leading partner of Microsoft, has already begun to prepare the prototypes of the smartphones to be released at the end of 2012
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  1. small piece to the puzzle.

    The really important thing I think will be the specs of the hardware and overall integration. Not just with windows, but also with Mac. Microsoft seems to always forget that there are a LARGE number of Mac users out there, with more being added to the OsX camp everyday!