Friday, March 9, 2012

WP7 DS Supertool : multi-purpose homebrew shortcuts app

New Homebrew tool has been released from the developers of Deepshining custom ROM.
WP7 DS Supertool xap format so it can be installed on any Windows Terminal Phone unlocked or with a developer account. The application now before this was available only for all those devices that had a custom ROM since the application was pre-installed within the Deepshining ROM . 

WP7 DS Supertool main features are:
  • System shortcuts for quick access to the air mode, data network, bluetooth and wi-fi
  • Ability to insert six favorite contacts with its associated picture and you can call them with a tap
  • A tool to quickly search for anything on the web
  • News and Weather always on Tapp
  • Ability to quickly enter notes
  • Ability to set reminders
More information and download link at XDA .

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