Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 will be 30-day exclusive with China Telecom

The Nokia 800 Lumia prepares to conquer China facing competition is far from that with the HTC Titan, already on the market, came in first overall. The Lumia 800 will be marketed exclusively by the phone operator China Telecom , the third largest carrier in China. An agreement fairly unusual for the Chinese market in which, typically, the market of smartphones and mobile phones is done through distribution channels released by the telephone operators such as shop producers and many retailers in the area.
The Nokia Lumia 800C , fully localized Chinese version of Lumia 800 and suitable for use with the telephone networks of the populous Asian continent, will not be distributed either by store operated by Nokia. The decision to adopt this form of exclusive distribution is not so common for the Chinese market. While in the USA are the telephone operators to control all aspects of marketing of smartphones, those relating to the device as related services, China prevails distribuition of non-branded devices.
The period of exclusivity with China Telecom last thirty days, while the official launch will take place in Beijing on March 28 . As pointed out on several occasions, China, considering the high population density, is a key market for expansion of both the Windows Phone platform Lumia device.
An exclusive arrangement somewhat similar was recently concluded by China Unicom in connection with the distribution of iPhone 4s.
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