Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nokia Fluid spotted at Occasional Gamer stats

The game statistics kept by the software houses are often a very important source to steal peeks at new output device. Among the devices included in the statistics of Occasional Gamer figure, the reference to the Nokia Fluid , a device apparently unpublished. The Occasional Gamer titles are developed for the platform Windows Phone . The alleged new smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer should therefore be based on Microsoft's mobile operating system.
Occasional Gamer has assets of 15 games available for the Windows Phone. A section of the blog Occasional Gamer is dedicated to the keeping of statistical devices that are used with more developed securities. The reference to the Nokia Fluid is clear even if the classification can reveal nothing about the technical .
Particularly interesting is the reference to another device contained in the same rank, Qualcomm Fluid. Might wonder whether there might be a connection between two devices:

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