Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 sold out on many Elisa shops

It seems Nokia Lumia 800 has flying start in the motherland.Finland’s largest operator has had shortage of Lumia 800, even after just yesterday saying that Nokia’s supply line would be ready for anything and had thousands of phones available via Elisa alone. 
Though not to get overly exited as not all Elisa stores where sold out.It is surprisingly the black color selling out, and only in certain stores – Elisa’s Executive Vice President Henri Korpi
According to Korpi it was especially corporate side that was buying the black Lumia 800 in masses, that said not sure what’s so surprising about black color selling well.Looking at Finland’s largest unlocked phone seller, there seems to be only 3 Cyan Lumia 800 left, over 25 black Lumia 800′s available (don’t show exact numbers when going over 25) and they seem to be selling one black Lumia 800 every 1-7 minute.

Source Mato78; Via NokiaGadgets

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