Thursday, February 2, 2012

IDC: Apple exceeds LG and becomes the world's third largest handset maker

According to recent analysis from IDC, Apple , thanks to the results obtained in the second part of 2011 ,  Apple was able to overcome LG occupying the third position in the world ranking of smartphone manufacturers.To subtract the absolute leadership is once again the couple Nokia-Samsung firmly in command.
Apple started to narrow the gap in first half of 2011, but the final passing took place in the second half of 2011 thanks to the success of the iPhone 4S that allowed Apple to occupy the third position in the standings, putting the behind another major manufacturer like ZTE.

In absolute terms, Nokia and Samsung have delivered, respectively 113.5 and 97.6 million in Q4 2011 device compared to 37 million and Apple 17.7 million from LG. It 'interesting but also highlight the trend. Apple, in fact, over the same period last year, has registered a growth of 128.4% compared with 20.9% of Samsung and contraction of 8 .2% 42.2% Nokia and LG. To summarize the data, we emphasize the fact that Apple was the company with the highest rate of growth in the last quarter of 2011.

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