Thursday, February 2, 2012

Windows Phone 8: Some important details revealed by Joe Belfiore

Microsoft certainly has major plans for the future of Windows Phone, the site pocketnow colleagues have revealed some features of the next major update called Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)
The revelation,  coming directly from Joe Belfiore in a video for the patners at Nokia. The following features are revealed:

Hardware: Windows Phone 8 will be compatible with multicore processors, four different screen resolutions (without specifying which ones) and support for microSD removable memory card. There is also the support NFC technology.

Developer: Phone Windows 8 will allow developers to use most of the code of the app for Windows 8 (Desktop) and vice versa (so the rumor that the two systems will use the same kernel seem to be confirmed). Microsoft also plans an advanced version of ActiveSync as a substitute for the Zune client.
Applications: Microsoft expects to have 100,000 applications available on the marketplace at the launch of Windows Phone 8. One of the most important new features in this version you can use to write native code app, so you can fully exploit the potential of hardware devices. Skype will be integrated into the operating system, how to call from this client will be almost identical to that of normal calls. In addition, Microsoft will provide the basis for the management interface of the camera in the applications, they can interact more with the image taken. SkyDrive will support the sharing of music on the devices Information: Phone Windows 8 will be characterized by DataSmart, which aims to reduce and simplify the traceability of the data used. Improvements in the management of advanced access. The consumption data used will be visible through a Tile Home.

Internet Explorer 10: It will use a proxy server to load web pages. Similar to what is happening today with Opera Mini and Skyfire, this service will allow compression of the data exchanged, in order to have the pages load faster and consuming less MB. 

Encryption: Windows Phone 8 natively support BitLocker encryption to 128 bits, especially useful for companies This information is not formalized by Microsoft so you should take them with the right weight. To confirm the report revealed pocketnow arrives Tom Warren, well-known publisher and founder of The Verge WinRumors. Through its Twitter channel has published a brief message stating that it is 100% secure that the information on Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" is correct.    Even Paul Thurrott, often known journalist who has published a preview on the Microsoft world news, his blog has confirmed the news about Windows Phone 8, except that relating to Skype, which will be enhanced, as the remaining non-integrated application according to its sources.

Source Pocketnow 

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