Friday, February 10, 2012

According SurvivalCraft game data, in Europe the Nokia Lumia 800 is dominating all other WP7 handsets

Despite the entry into the market place only at the end of 2011, the Lumia 800 seems to already be able to obtain significant results, making it the most popular Windows Phone in Europe . The massive advertising campaign for Nokia seems to have produced its fruits in Europe.

The data described above is derived from the usage statistics SurvivalCraft, a very popular game under Windows Phone, inspired to the even more famous Minecraft. It is, therefore, data that are not able to summarize the exact amount of handsets sold, but equally suited to make the idea on the spread of the first Windows Phone by Nokia among the European public.  As you can see from the graph, users who have chosen to play SurvivalCraft Lumia clearly prefer the 800 over other models of Windows Phone . The data is very encouraging, considering that in the ranking also converge on the device market for many months:

The margin by which the Lumia 800 is able to "switch off" the competition is high. As an example you can put in evidence as the first Windows Phone arrived in Italy in October 2010, the LG Optimus 7, is used only 8 % of users compared with 31.1% who prefer a Lumia 800. Another fact that can make people think about the fact that in the former positions include mainly Windows Phone first generation, while the second (eg Samsung Omnia, HTC Titan, etc.), seem to have been "obscured" by the arrival of Lumia .  On the result, which is even more positive if you think that the Lumia until November 2011 has reached some European markets, it is the massive advertising campaign, is a strong brand that Nokia still continues to lead the faithful to the user brand.

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