Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Humble Bundle 5 - Amazing cheap games for cross-platform gaming

The very popular project  The Humble Bundle offers users a variety of games for the price of what you desire. In the past there have been many quality indie titles for Windows and Mac, and now we saw of the fifth menu, in which individual titles at the same time you can get for Windows, Mac, Linux and especially for Android. 

The package is offered games  Beat Hazard Ultra Dynamite Jack, Solar 2 and Nightsky HD . If you pay more per game than the average price of all candidates (currently it is $ 6.08), you also get free titles Dungeon Defenders  and  Super Hexagon + soundtrack in FLAC and MP3.
The last Hundle Bundle also have been characterized from offering cross-platform games, but do not talk about compatibility between iOS and Android, but between Android and PC operating systems . In fact, the games are also compatible with Steam, with the possibility of being able to download and play on PC also Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The securities offered by Bundle 5 are qualitatively good and it seems almost sacrilegious to spend an amount per hour equal to about $ 6 to get them at home, for those who want this, considering the humanitarian purpose, can donate even more.

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